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Upgrade Gadget Websites and Blogs by Installing Chatwing Chat Widget


     Gadgets and gadget upgrades is now one of the hottest topics next to politics and fashion. It is not surprising that most websites and blogs are dedicated to this niche. Technological advancements and tools have made our lives better and easier. I, for one, am really fascinated with the latest gadgets and how they work. I’ve put up a blog to post my most recent discoveries and experiences in trying out the newest devices I had laid my hands on. Through installing a chatbox in my blog, I’ve created an interactive platform where everyone is free to share their insights, questions and suggestions related to the niche.

As a tech blogger, I do what I preach; I try out things and recommend only those that passed my standards. As a blogger, I know that competing with other blogs is really challenging and entails creativity to lead in the competition or at least get a fair share of online visits. One effective strategy in improving online presence and initiating a more interactive discussion is through dynamic chat software. Chatwing shoutbox has a very simple interface and stable platform that it can accommodate up to a thousand web surfers simultaneously. It also has a social media integration feature that facilitates easy social network expansion which is essential for us bloggers. This feature makes the chat box accessible to millions of Twitter and Facebook users.
I was able to design the web chat tool easily according to my preferences. provides users with a variety of colors and customized background options that are cool and fashionable. Uploading personal photos and MP3 links are also possible. Users can literally change every aspect of the chat software as they please.

Real time, I can address inquiries and build rapport at the same time. I can get new ideas on what gadgets to review or try from people around the globe. Even when chatting with thousands of web users to just a selected group, I am confident that I can maintain a professional and decent communication because of Chatwing’s full conversation control option. I can ban users I deem offensive or delete messages that in any way will not contribute to the discussion.

Chatwing, despite its flexibility dynamics, is easy to use and install. This is just one of the tools that bloggers can really rely on in terms of increasing web traffic and connecting globally.
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Guest post by Aaron

How to create an Apple ID without a Credit Card

This is a video tutorial about how to create an Apple ID in iTunes Account Without a Credit Card, you can create it directly in your iPhone. [Thanks my friend BABY'S MUTU for providing this precious video, which I'm going to share with you through this blog.]

As it says a credit card is required to proceed, People are getting confused when they go to create an Apple ID. (If they don't want to purchase any application or they don't have a valid credit card, its an irritating situation.)

But I found a secret that there is an option to choose "None" for a credit card. It will depend on how the account is created. There are two ways to create an Apple ID. One is to actually click "Create Account" in the Store menu, Which is most people try. If you go like that way, you won't see "None" listed in the payment options. You must have a valid credit card.

BUT the second way to create apple ID is to try installing a completely free application while not signed into an account. You will get an option "None" at the end of the payment methods.

This method works in both iTunes and the Mac App Store.


Banner sharing - How create a box with the code of your banner

We often see a box containing the HTML code of a banner on some blogs. This is a banner sharing code. Ie. If you visit a blog then like and have interest in sharing that blog to your readers, just copy this code and put in the layout. It is also a way to exchange, you promote his blog and he will do the same in return for you. Its a mutual sharing, which help us to introduce our sites to others and vice Versa.

Put this box is very simple, follow the steps and learn how to put one in your blog:

1) Create your banner the way you want and the size you want. My tip is to create something very simple, clean and very light.

Note: The most commonly used size in the blogosphere is 300pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.

2) Host the image on some server and save the link. Example: In Blogger, own server, DropBox, picturetail,photobucket etc...

3) Take the following code below and make the necessary changes:

<div align="center"> <img src="URL_DA_IMAGEM"/> <br/>
<textarea cols="15" rows="3" onfocus="" onmouseover="this.focus()" name="textarea" style="width:80%;">
<a href="URL_OF_BLOG" target="_blank"> <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE" title="NOME_OF_BLOG" alt="URL_OF_BLOG" style="border:0;"/> </ a>
</ Textarea>
</ Div>

- NOME_OF_BLOG : Put the name of your blog.
- URL_OF_BLOG : Place the domain of your blog.
- URL_OF_IMAGE : Put hosted image link (follow step 2).

4) Now add where you want to publish the code. If you want to add in the sidebar (sidebar) on your blog, follow the instructions to Blogger or WordPress :

1) Log in to Blogger , go to " Layout ", create a new widget by clicking" Add a Gadget "and select" HTML / JavaScript ";

2) Paste the code with the changes and save.

Tips to make money with Google Adsense (part 2)

A few days ago I published Part 1 ( Tips to Make Money with Google Adsense (Part 1) ) of this article where I discussed some valuable tips to make money with Google Adsense. Google has been an excellent source to generate online revenue for the web publishers. Adsense is the most used affiliate program in the internet, representing more and more impressions worldwide.

krishna thapa

Google has a filter that reads the contents expressed in your page and displays relevant advertisers in order to increase the clicks. But it wont happen correctly always and ends up appearing any advertiser that may not be optimal. You can then block that url, so the owner does not appear more and increase your click through rate (CTR). You can do this from the control panel of your Google Adsense account.

You already may have noticed that Google has a system that reads your page and filter the ads to be more relevant to the reader. So this means that the more focused the content, the better your click through rate (CTR). In every articles you discuss about one or at most two different issues only ,  The more focused the content is easier for the system to identify the keywords and display relevant ads that generate a high number of clicks.

When creating a new banner in Adsense, you have the option to set the colors of it. What I advice is to create a banner that it looks like the blog layout, like matching a menu, header, sidebar, background etc.. So the chances of receiving a click is much higher. Another tip is to remove the cool edge of the banners. This you can do easily by placing the edges in a color equal to the background of your site.

I think you should be very careful on what types of banner serve the best on your blog, which spaces that yield more, and everything else will take something like a 5 or 6-month trial. It is very important that you always do tests, change the banners, record the results, which analyze the most profitable areas. Only then will you be able to take 100% advantage of this excellent affiliate program. Always read the ALERTS! sent by the Adsense team & follow the instructions which frequently suggests you the optimal size of the banner you should put on your blog.


Happy Blogging!!!

How to change the address / domain in Blogger

If you have created a blog but after sometime you want to change the address of your blog. Blogger offers the option to change the blog address at any time, just with the domain you want should be free (not already used by someone else).

Changing the domain name of your blog is simple, if you want to change using a Blogger blogspot domain (, follow the steps below:

1) Log in to Blogger , click " Settings ";

2) Enter the tab " Basic "and click" Edit "at the address Blog

3) Type the desired NEW NAME and click save. If the new domain name is free it will be adhered to your blog.


How to highlight author comment

In some blogs  I've seen the author comment is unique and specially formatted. So that readers can easily notice the comment of author of the blog since they are different than the other comments. If you like this trick to be made on your blogger blog, you can follow the steps below.

1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML
2.Click on "Expand Widget Templates"
3.Scroll down to where you see this:-


4.Copy below code and put it before ]]></b:skin>

.comment-body-author {
background: #E6E6E6; /* Background color*/
color: #000; /* Text color*/
border-top: 1px dotted #223344;border-bottom: 1px dotted #223344;border-left: 1px dotted #223344;border-right: 1px dotted #223344;
padding:0 0 0 20px; /* Posotion*/

5.Now Scroll down to where you see this:-

<dl id='comments-block'>
<b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>
<dt class='comment-author' expr:id='"comment-" +'>
<a expr:name='"comment-" +'/>
<b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
<dd class='comment-body'>
<b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
<span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>

6.Replace above code with below code.

<dl id='comments-block'>
<b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>
<dt class='comment-author' expr:id='"comment-" +'>
<a expr:name='"comment-" +'/>
<b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
<b:if cond=' =='>
<dd class='comment-body-author'>
<dd class='comment-body'>
<b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
<span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>

7."Save Templates" and you are done.

How to make money with Google Adsense?

Google is one of the most effective, reliable and undoubtedly the most powerful source to get online revenue. Many writers, bloggers and web publishers are making money with the use of google adsense affiliate program on their content. But how?

Though there are large numbers of bloggers who have already started displaying the google advertisements on their sites but they actually do not know how to take advantage of this excellent program exactly so they can increase profits exponentially. To get approved with the google adsense is not so big deal, but the most challanging part is to MAKE MONEY WITH IT.

In this post I am going to discuss about the topic. How you can multiply your profit more by using Google Adsense on your blog.


Each and every posts of your blogs should be recognized by search engines so that a strangers can get your posts. There are several methods to introduce your blog to search. Blogger also has an automatic meta tag feature that you can use without knowing any coding at all. Click here to optimize Auto Meta Tags for your Blogs. 


You already should know that Adsense allows only three of its content ads and three  link ads on each page to be shown, so do not get too polluted. If you have more than 3 ads, one of them will be blank, as if nothing was present at that location, but if you do it repeatedly you are more likely to be banned from Adsense, then do not make that mistake.

3.300x250 and 336x280
Many publishers already did many tests on displaying advertisements properly, I can say that the 300 × 250 and 336x280 banner is better in every way. When you use this banner size, it eventually accepts images, videos, and links. If you are using a 468 × 60, for example, it does not accept video. This makes more difference on clicks.

This is a very simple tip but many people miss it. They are blocking either the graphics or text on their content ads. When one of two types is blocked, competitors to appear at that place are fewer, and thus decreases the CPC. The more competitors, the more you will earn per click. It works like an auction, advertisers pay for space, and the more competition, the greater the value that they pay more to appear. So make sure you allow to display both the image and text ads, which helps you to get more value for your space.

Have you ever tried displaying the ads exactly in the article? Since the ads are relevant to the contents, it is best practice to put it inside the content. After finishing your article, readers may find something of his interest and there is more chances to click on the ads.

This is just begining of the article. Most valuable tricks and tips to make more money with Google Adsense are on the way. To receive the second part of this article, please subscribe to the newsletter on the sidebar putting your email and wait.

PART 2: Tips for making money with Google Adsense (coming soon)

How to remove "Showing posts with label" in archive posts

If you want to get the posts with certain label in any blog, you click the link of the label. In default blogger layout you will see "showing posts with label all posts." message on every archive page of that label. Since many bloggers don't like to have this message displayed on their blogs, I m going to give you simple tips to remove it from your blog.

Here is the instruction.
How to remove "Showing post with all posts"

Before changing any codes on your XML, dont forget to backup your template first.

Step 1.
If you are using the old Blogger interface:
Go to Dashboard - Design - Edit HTML - Expand Widget Template (make a backup)

If you are using the new Blogger interface:
Go to Dashboard - Template - Edit HTML - Proceed - Expand Widget Template (make a backup)

Step 2. Now find these codes in your template. use (CTRL+F).

<b:includable id='status-message'>
  <b:if cond='data:navMessage'>
  <div class='status-msg-wrap'>
    <div class='status-msg-body'>
    <div class='status-msg-border'>
      <div class='status-msg-bg'>
        <div class='status-msg-hidden'><data:navMessage/></div>
  <div style='clear: both;'/>

Step 3. Replace this with this code

<b:includable id='status-message'>
<b:if cond='data:navMessage'>
<div style='clear: both;'/>

Save the template and check if the message has been removed or not by clicking any label of the blog.

Auto Meta Tags for Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

In this post I m going to describe meta-tags: How to add them to your blog.

UPDATE : Blogger has already introduced special editing tools for them in late March 2012, so they are covered separately. It applies to any type of meta-tag except the description-tag:  

Generally Meta tags are very important as it introduce the presence of your blog to search engines. In this post I m explaining you not only the meta-tags for your blog but I am going to reveal a special trick, so that this will generate automatic meta-tags for each and every page and articles of your website.


Blogger has rolled out an array of SEO features and now adding Meta Tags has become so easy. You can do it easily from the Blogger’s User Interface without doing much of Template Editing or pulling your hair. So here is how to do it

1 1. Log in to Blogger, go to setting -> Search Preferences and Enable Meta Tags. In the Text area give a 150 character description which will describe your Blog. This text might be used by Search engines when your Blog’s home page is displayed on Search Engines.


Its a simple code to automate the process of assigning meta description and keyword tags to every posts of your blog. Although not very effective but it may slightly improve the visibility of your pages in SERPs. These are the Dynamic meta tags, which have the same code but display different content for different pages. Actually it simply shows the blog name and title of the post in the meta description/keywords content.

Keep in mind that meta tags always goes between <head> and </head> tags

1. Log in to Blogger, go to Layout -> Edit HTML
and find (CTRL+F) this code in the template:

And immediately BEFORE/ABOVE it, paste this code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName + data:blog.title + data:blog.pageName' name='Description'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName + data:blog.title + data:blog.pageName' name='Keywords'/>


Five best and long Term Money Making Tips from your blog

We talked about how we can earn money by writing and Now, Lets talk about How you can earn money from blogs. Initially Blogging was used only as a medium of expression and to voice your opinions and thoughts. Nowadays , blogging has become money making online activity which can generate a reasonable amount of income. If you have the flair and passion to write, you can start doing the job you like while earning money at the same time. There are five ways to earn money from your blog. They are:

1. Google Adsense

A popular way in which you can earn money blogging is with Advertising. You can refer to Google Adsense and Amazon Associates for this purpose. This is the most common method of earning from a blog. Once your blog becomes well known and is well-received in a particular niche, it is possible to sell ad space on your own blog. For lesser-known blogs, services such as Google’s Ad Sense or BlogAds enable bloggers to establish ad programs. AdSense pays you based on how many readers click on the ads.

2. Affiliate programs

Another way to earn money from your blog is with Affiliate Programs. You can choose from many available online. Pick one that is free to join and pays a good commission for your referrals.

3. Help sell others’ products

Affiliate programs enable your blog to serve as a link between readers and online sites offering various goods and services. One popular choice is For example if you offer a book review in your blog, an affiliate program will provide a means for your readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon to obtain further information about the book. If they charge their card, you get paid as well.

4. Market your services in your blog

Many people think that blogs are exclusively used to voice your opinions. Blogs are an ideal venue to share your thoughts with others, but we should not overlook their capacity to generate new business and income. You can mention references and what you do to the person reading your blog. That will spread your opinion and your business at the same time.

5. Selling an E-book

If you enjoy writing, you may consider selling an E-book on your blog. You can write about a subject you have much knowledge in or interview and expert and turn it into a book. You will need to learn how to create E-books and there are plenty of resources online.

If you own an adult blog, you can read how to earn money from adult blogs article.