Meronepal published

To publish third volume of Meronepal bimonthly, we had to do lots of exercise, since the nature of our work and the lack of enough time. Beside this, we experienced lots of difficulties . Finally we published meronepal and its on the market now.

Working on paper magazine is not easy task. It has uncountable of challenges.  Collecting articles, editing, typing, designing and setting is at one hand and financial arrangement at other. Though it's qualitative, but printing in Israel is very expensive. For every volume we have to spend around 8000 that is more than 1,60.000Rs.And the presence of Nepali business is rare, which could support us with advertisement.

But this month our expenses on press lowered with certain percentage. As usual the contents inside are not as we expected. Anyway there are some most wanted regular columns like Bakhur Tobh", Tapaiko Awaj, Vyakti vishesh etc, and some other feature articles.

Get your copy of Meronepal today, and enjoy Nepali Literature..
available in all known stores of Tel Aviv.

Krishna Thapa

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