How to start creating a blog:

First of all, who wants to build a blog to subscribe to the Blogger . It's very simple and if you already have a Google account just to use it. Then choose the template you prefer, among many models offered by the Blooger. If you do not want to use a conventional models offered by the blogger, you can download a template of your choice and replace it. Find templates for your blog sometimes can be an arduous and long, and even tiresome. As a result, here in Gothic I submit some Dakness Templates developed by bloggers like me and also recommend some models of templates that are available to download on some blogs, in order to help those still searching deciding on the layout and design of their blogs .

There are thousands of free blog templates on the internet. Using these free templates you can create your blog really nice and cool within a couple of minutes.

Here is step by step guide to start a blog.

1) log on or

2 Sign up for an account
3) You can sign up with your google account,

4) Give a suitable name to your blog like

5)Choose one of the templates provided by blogger for the first time( you can change it later) 

6) Your blog is created now. 

7) You are ready to write your first post and publish it on the web.

8) Cheers Happy starting !!!

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