How to make money with Google Adsense?


Google is one of the most effective, reliable and undoubtedly the most powerful source to get online revenue. Many writers, bloggers and web publishers are making money with the use of google adsense affiliate program on their content. But how?

Though there are large numbers of bloggers who have already started displaying the google advertisements on their sites but they actually do not know how to take advantage of this excellent program exactly so they can increase profits exponentially. To get approved with the google adsense is not so big deal, but the most challanging part is to MAKE MONEY WITH IT.

In this post I am going to discuss about the topic. How you can multiply your profit more by using Google Adsense on your blog.


Each and every posts of your blogs should be recognized by search engines so that a strangers can get your posts. There are several methods to introduce your blog to search. Blogger also has an automatic meta tag feature that you can use without knowing any coding at all. Click here to optimize Auto Meta Tags for your Blogs. 


You already should know that Adsense allows only three of its content ads and three  link ads on each page to be shown, so do not get too polluted. If you have more than 3 ads, one of them will be blank, as if nothing was present at that location, but if you do it repeatedly you are more likely to be banned from Adsense, then do not make that mistake.

3.300x250 and 336x280
Many publishers already did many tests on displaying advertisements properly, I can say that the 300 × 250 and 336x280 banner is better in every way. When you use this banner size, it eventually accepts images, videos, and links. If you are using a 468 × 60, for example, it does not accept video. This makes more difference on clicks.

This is a very simple tip but many people miss it. They are blocking either the graphics or text on their content ads. When one of two types is blocked, competitors to appear at that place are fewer, and thus decreases the CPC. The more competitors, the more you will earn per click. It works like an auction, advertisers pay for space, and the more competition, the greater the value that they pay more to appear. So make sure you allow to display both the image and text ads, which helps you to get more value for your space.

Have you ever tried displaying the ads exactly in the article? Since the ads are relevant to the contents, it is best practice to put it inside the content. After finishing your article, readers may find something of his interest and there is more chances to click on the ads.

This is just begining of the article. Most valuable tricks and tips to make more money with Google Adsense are on the way. To receive the second part of this article, please subscribe to the newsletter on the sidebar putting your email and wait.

PART 2: Tips for making money with Google Adsense (coming soon)

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