Banner sharing - How create a box with the code of your banner


We often see a box containing the HTML code of a banner on some blogs. This is a banner sharing code. Ie. If you visit a blog then like and have interest in sharing that blog to your readers, just copy this code and put in the layout. It is also a way to exchange, you promote his blog and he will do the same in return for you. Its a mutual sharing, which help us to introduce our sites to others and vice Versa.

Put this box is very simple, follow the steps and learn how to put one in your blog:

1) Create your banner the way you want and the size you want. My tip is to create something very simple, clean and very light.

Note: The most commonly used size in the blogosphere is 300pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.

2) Host the image on some server and save the link. Example: In Blogger, own server, DropBox, picturetail,photobucket etc...

3) Take the following code below and make the necessary changes:

<div align="center"> <img src="URL_DA_IMAGEM"/> <br/>
<textarea cols="15" rows="3" onfocus="" onmouseover="this.focus()" name="textarea" style="width:80%;">
<a href="URL_OF_BLOG" target="_blank"> <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE" title="NOME_OF_BLOG" alt="URL_OF_BLOG" style="border:0;"/> </ a>
</ Textarea>
</ Div>

- NOME_OF_BLOG : Put the name of your blog.
- URL_OF_BLOG : Place the domain of your blog.
- URL_OF_IMAGE : Put hosted image link (follow step 2).

4) Now add where you want to publish the code. If you want to add in the sidebar (sidebar) on your blog, follow the instructions to Blogger or WordPress :

1) Log in to Blogger , go to " Layout ", create a new widget by clicking" Add a Gadget "and select" HTML / JavaScript ";

2) Paste the code with the changes and save.

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